Are you using video in your lawyer marketing?

If you are not using video in your marketing, then you are missing the boat.Video Marketing for Lawyers

Test these three tips:


1. Answer the most frequently asked questions from you clients. Keep the video less than 3 minutes, 5 mintues max.
You could easily record 10 videos in one hour.

2. Report on legal questions or issues that are showing up in your local paper or TV. For example, if you have a high profile in your market area why not comment on what the lawyers are doing. Perhaps you’ll ask a series of questions that you would ask if you were on the jury pool. Get the point?

3. Give your opinion on recent opinions (particularly US Supreme Court Opinions) and how they impact people in your market area.  Click this link to see a recent article on the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling on the Arizona voting case.  The link takes you to an article, but you can easily see how it could be converted to a video.

Remember to keep your videos short. A video that lasts five minutes is long for the current attention span.

Check out the video below:

Again, this is just an example.

How can you use video beginning today in your marketing?