Lawyer Marketing? 7 Keys to Getting Attention

Lawyer Marketing?  7 Keys to  Getting Attention

If you are using “education based marketing” (and you should be) one of the most important things for you to learn is how to get attention to your articles.  In this article I’ll give you 7 Keys to Getting Attention to Your Articles.Lawyer Marketing | Focus Your Readers

Key #1:  Use bold headlines.

Don’t go crazy with this.  However remember that we are all “scanners” asking as we scan, “What’s in it for me?”  So be sure to use bold letter to attract the eye of the reader.  If they don’t stop, they don’t read.

Key #2:  Use sub-headlines to guide your readers.  Sub-headlines help the reader’s mind to focus on what is next.  Use benefit or query sub-headlines if possible and appropriate.

Key #3:  Use bulleted lists for important sub-points or for a series of points.  Bulleted lists help a reader quickly see all of the items and it creates immediate interest.  Always put the bulleted list either at the left margin or only ½ inch indent.  Never use a centered list of bullets.  While it might be pleasing to the eye you’ll lose some of the value of a bulleted list.

Key #4:  Separate your paragraphs with a double space.  What the reader will see is white space which will make the next paragraph look smaller.  That will require less commitment from the reader to continue reading.

Key #5:  Use short paragraphs.  Remember that you want the reader to get through to the end of the article.  Using short paragraphs allows the reader to make a brief commitment, then move on to another commitment.  Of course you’ve got to maintain interest by making sure one paragraph flows to the next.  However this isn’t an appellate brief, so be a little less formal.

Key #6:  Use a relevant image.  Let’s face it, we are drawn to images.  Try to include a relevant image in each article, preferably at the beginning of the article.  It will draw the eye, which is the beginning point to getting your article read.

Key #7:  Write good stuff.  Most of previous 6 keys are formatting or stylistic guides to help you cause the reader to stop and read, to consume your content.  However, all of those keys will mean nothing if you don’t write good stuff.  Solve a problem; ask and then answer a question;  take a position on something of importance.  The most valuable asset your reader has is her time.  Make sure the time she spends with you is worth it to her!

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